Something preventing me from moving on, please help! I am stuck, up next button is not active even I finished the code

Aguillar Family Wine Festival

Annual Aguillar Family Wine Festival

Wine Festival Schedule



12:00 PM

Welcome Reception

01:00 PM

Storytelling & Tasting

02:00 PM

Wine Luncheon

03:00 PM

Aguillar Family Wines

04:00 PM

Wine & Cheese Tasting



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Hello @chip6599640469, welcome to the forums! Could you please post your code, and a link to the exercise?

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Welcome to the forums!! :grinning:

If I remember correctly, “Wine Festival” was a project.

Projects are self judged, so after you have finished a task you check the box next to the task to mark it as complete.

Once they are marked as complete, the “Up Next” button comes up.


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