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I have managed to solve the problem by using the forum, and looking at various methods. What I cannot understand is how does python pair the items? Is it because it pairs up the two items due to their placement in individual lists; so banana is first in both lists, so it pairs them? Or it recognises the name "banana" in each list and pairs them? Hope my question makes sense.

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It never pairs them. Lets look at some general dictionary syntax:

first_dictionary = {
  "key1" : "value1",
  "key2" : "value2",
  "key3" : "value3",
  "key4" : "value4",
second_dictionary = {
  "key1" : "value5",
  "key2" : "value6",
  "key3" : "value7",
  "key4" : "value8",

now, if i loop over either one of the dictionary's, it doesn't really matter:

for key in first_dictionary:
    print key

this will print the key (key1, key2, key3 and key4), and then i can use the bracket notation to get the value:

for key in first_dictionary:
    print first_dictionary[key]
    print second_dictionary[key]

now, the trick is that both dictionary's have the same key! because both first_dictionary and second_dictionary both have key1, it will print out the values at key1. The whole trick is that the keys are the same, otherwise this won't work