Something always went wrong


First of all, I am a 19 year old brazilian college student in the Information Technology area. I am currently using this beautiful website to study PHP, HTML, CSS and SQL languages so I can try to do good in a programming test next Monday so I can have a chance to get an internship on webdesign field.
The website is beautiful but I am not sure about its functionality, since I get "Something went wrong :(. Close and try again or refresh the page" at least every minute or less. I know I suck at coding but I am not sure if my loop coding on PHP (while, do-while, for) sucks that much. I hope anyone can come out with an answer to fix this is

sue because it is really hard to study while getting this error, which stops the flow of my thinking and after reloading the page sometimes it deletes a good amount of my code. In the image above you can see what I had so far, I don't even have a chance to write much until I get the error.
Thank you for your attention.


I think the problem is with your while condition, what you have written it's endless loop.
Try to write only $loopCond or $loopCond == true


Yeah I did some changes and passed that, thanks for the reply, really appreciated.


That would be today, right? Break a pencil!