Someone please tell me, How can i make notes while learning from codecademy?

Codecademy have done really awesome in how it designed it’s curriculum. But, it’s my bad that i forget things usually whatever i have learnt. I need to revise it again and again, but i just don’t know the art of note making. I am facing it hard to figure out the notemaking strategy. Please tell me if someone have done this before. Please Help!

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Hello @tomarrajattomar, welcome to the forums!
To take notes effectively, wait until you reach the end of the lesson where it provides the ‘review’ page-outlining everything that you learnt in that lesson. When you reach that page, write out a description and code example for every item provided, in a way you can understand. Then, retrace the lesson, and review your notes, and check for any gaps. If you find any, redo the lesson/exercise and repeat the process.

Another good way of cementing knowledge is to create projects-no matter how small-being able to apply what you’ve learnt will really help cement the knowledge you’ve learnt.
I hope this helps!

Thank you so much! It has helped a lot.

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I use Google Docs to make notes and I jot something down as I progress through each lesson. Using an online format such as Docs allows me to organise the format into lessons, modules etc, easier to edit and synced across all devices and easier to search for a specific term.

Also be consistent with the note taking, if you keep getting into a pattern of note taking it’ll become easier and more natural.

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