Someone else's code in my workspace


I am working on the recently updated JavaScript course and I’m on the ‘Objects’ section (which I could not find a topic selector for in the categories).

I am on the section called ‘The this Keyword I’, and I was having some trouble, but kept trying. At two separate points I even reset the exercise so I could get a clean start on the instructions, and when it reset, all of a sudden the work that’s showing up is someone else’s. How do I know? Because throughout the lesson it had me building up my code, which included entering my name, age, and hobbies in a ‘person’ object. Now someone else’s name, age, and hobbies are showing up in the workspace code. I’ve gone all the way back to the beginning where we started building this code (5 or 6 lessons back in the course) and it’s all the other person’s name and info.

Is there anything I can do aside from changing it all back to my info manually? Has anyone else seen this problem? I have also bug-reported it so the powers that be can check it out.


This is the first time I heard of this. Never encounter this issue before.

Maybe @moderateurs might be able to help. :slight_smile:


I have several times. I go back to the 1st lesson and hit the reload button at the top of the screen.


Thanks for the feedback and info codexthon and josephhagar. I wound up just changing the code to match my original information for the time being, but I think next time I will start the whole lesson over with a reset; it will be good practice :smiley:


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