Somehow the task are not checkecd even though I'm completing the code correctly

I’m at task 0 of Aisha’s Greetings (learn python intermediate) and all that is needed is:

from contextlib import contextmanager

def generic(card_type, sender, receiver):

It is also the code that is provided in the solution, but when I click nothing happens, if I remove the pass statement I get a syntax error…

I recorded how I was trying to do it, but can’t upload the video. Although I’ve been using codecademy for years it’s telling me that I can’t upload videos because I’m a new user…

Can we have a link to the lesson you are having trouble with? And you cant upload videos since you have not been active enough on the forums.

That code doesn’t have a print or any other output, so nothing would appear.

For the project, you have to click the checkmarks on the left yourself when you finish a task … it doesn’t check your code for you and change the marks.

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