Some programming languages

I did a little bit of research and here are the programming languages that people like:

  1. Swift
  2. Rust
  3. .NET
    (These are only ones that are in websites like “Top 10 programming languages”)
    If you want some more, just reply to this comment.

I always found it very weird that languages like Swift and Rust could rise that high in programming.

I am honestly not even sure why they would call these languages, languages. It is obvious just a expansion on a already existing languages, so why wouldn’t you call it a expansion or a addon or maybe even a framework ?

Also i find these new “languages” more often than not very unclear in their definitions.
For example:
Rust uses fn to declare a function. Why would you shorten this to fn ?
Isn’t function way more readable when going over the code ? Is it really just for those 6 extra letters that supposedly saves time to type ?

Maybe i am just ranting, but these are the main reasons why i cant understand why those languages are so popular.

What opinions do you guys have on this ?

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Yes, Rust can be pretty weird but I think even though it’s a bit weird the language itself is pretty useful and so it’s probably popular because of the usefulness though what about Swift.
Swift, in my opinion, is an uprising in rating because it is used a lot for Apple apps and games and especially because Apple is such a popular company that there can be so many apps and games for its app store.


I was facing similar sort of doubt. Thanks for your solution. It was quiet informative and useful. Your answers helped me solve my doubt.

regards !!!

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