Some practice concepts do not show up

Hi all,

I am trying to complete all the module practice exercises in the Python 3 course. However, I am stuck in the Control Flow and List modules.

In case of Control Flow module, it says there is a total of 14 concepts to practice, but I always get the same 11 concepts, and been trying for hours to get the ones I am missing.

Same problem with Lists module, it says there is a total of 21 concepts to practice and I get always the same 17.

Hello World and Loops modules work fine and I was able to complete all the practice concepts.

Do anybody know if this is some kind of bug or maybe I am doing something wrong? Maybe I have to go further in the syllabus in order to be able to practice the concepts which are not showing up?


I’m thinking it’s probably an editing typo that wasn’t caught before it was released to production.

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Thanks for the reply. I will continue with the syllabus without wasting more time on this.

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