Some of my python course progress is lost


Last night I completed section 9 of the Python course. I have just logged back on to my machine and I am back to ‘STUDENT BECOMES THE TEACHER
Part of the Whole’.

The work I did last night is lost. Any idea how to get it back? If there isn’t please can I be unlocked to section 10 in order to continue from where I left off?

Many thanks, loving codecademy!

telegram: @NewForOlly

Hi @newforolly,

My guess probably due to the updates announced in:

Given that this happened around the time of updating courses, you may consider giving it one or two days, the problem might resolve itself , perhaps. As what I’ve read from several posts by other users, some glitches or problems did resolve by themselves. However, it’s never hurt to repeat the lesson again if you don’t wish to wait. I don’t think there’s any other way to go around this.

Else, you may try to contact the support team to see if they would be able to offer any insights about this through No guarantees though.

Cheers :slight_smile:

My badges are gone too

Well, I have no other suggestion other than reaching out to the support team, see if they could help then.