Some misunderstandings



Is this Bootstrap Source for only this tutorial? I browse through it a little bit and looks like have hundreds of CSS Rules.
Also, if we want to use a Bootstrap for making our personal web-page. We can just link in or we must found new one or create it? Create it from scratch I think is not an option and we just need create main CSS.
And, also for my understanding:

Is it a customised class for styling a new section 'created in-house'?

Is it a default class which appear in any Bootstrap? is a technical problem with creating posts. I tried to create this post 4 times. 3 times give me an error 'Bad gate 502' or something like that.


It looks to me like it is a copy of the bootstrap.css that has had a few things changed for this course.

Here is where we can get the Bootstrap files to use on our own work:

You can use the CDN link or you can download the files.

You are correct about both of those.

These are new forums, less than three months. They've grown so quickly that the servers aren't keeping up. This should be fixed soon - I hope!


Do you refer to ?
<link href="" rel="stylesheet">


How can we use Bootstrap this way? Is this need to put our web pages in a folder where we must put the Bootstrap folder exactly how we downloaded with the same name "bootstrap-3.3.6-dist" or we must pull-out all the files from those 3 folders into the folder which contains web pages? And the last question: What's the differences between using CDN link and downloading the files (more related for end-user)?


No, that is a link to the "Getting started" page. Scroll down a bit to the "Bootstrap CDN" section. You will see three links there. If you are only going to be doing the same sort of things that we have done in this short course then you can just use the bootstrap.min.css link.

The .min means that the code has been "minifed". From Wikipedia: Minification (programming)


It will be tidier if you do not do that.

You could put them into a folder named as you mentioned or you could just call the folder "bootstrap". See the examples on that "Getting started" page.

Using the file structure shown in the "Precompiled Bootstrap" section, and if your bootstrap directory was in the same directory as your .html file, your link would look like:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="bootstrap/css/bootstrap.min.css">

Or you could put the css, js and fonts folders in the same folder as your .html file and then your link would look like:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="css/bootstrap.min.css">