Some help please?

Hi uh… it’s me. De feesh. I just want to ask. I want to make a game like a dark room. The link is right here. a dark room I want to know the code I need to learn and a the genre so I can find a tutorial or something. Thx very much. (also if you know how to make it please share it with me.) Thank you very much community of codecademy.

I suggest taking the Full Stack Developer course

ok ill try that thank you

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um 6 months to complete? thats alot. I only thought this was only going to take a simple java… ima go reasearch some more

ok being more specific unfolding text-based idle game :smiley:

You can take the simple JavaScript, HTML, and CSS courses. Python may work as well, but the first three are the ones I’m most familiar with.

What you can also do is use google inspect to see what coding language they used to make their game. If you need help doing that, let me know

kk i already know those languages

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