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This is the exercise I received, but my results keep being wrong. Can someone check it out 4 me? please

Next, Git needs to know what repo will store your site's content.

In this case, the repo will be the one you created on GitHub earlier.

To specify the repo using Git, we'll have to add the remote and label it as the origin.

The remote is the URL of the repo that will store your site's contents.
The origin is an alias for the remote. You can think of an alias as an abbreviation or a substitute name. This means that instead of having to always type the lengthy remote URL over and over again, you can simply refer to it as origin later on.
In the terminal, you can add the remote with the following command:

git remote add origin

Note: Make sure that your remote's URL is typed correctly. Otherwise, you risk a failed deploy.
In the terminal, add the remote that points to the repository you created earlier. Use the example above to help you.

Important: If you accidentally make a mistake when adding the remote URL, you can start over and remove the remote with the following command:

git remote rm origin

git remote add origin


Have you tried running git remote rm origin and then adding the repository?


yes, but still doesn't work


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