Some dev want to learn nodeJS so please add it :)

i see in the course poll thread lot of dev ask to learn nodeJS so now is there a nodeJS course request thread PLEASE ADD NODEJS COURSE ! :smiley:


creating a course takes time, new courses are added from time to time. I don’t know what comes next, maybe it is nodejs.

But, there are also other resources which teach nodejs, i am sure with a little googling you can find them.

i already find some good site who teach nodeJS but codecademy online editor and forum community is so good and codecademy teach method or good so wanna learn nodeJS on codecademy

But that would also mean, we need people who know nodejs, so we can help people on the forum. Either way, good to hear you like codecademy teaching methods, but i have unfortunately what is next, i hope for you that it is nodejs :slight_smile:

nodeJs nodeJS nodeJS expressJS meteorJS !!! :smiley: