Some CSS font-family

During one of the lessons it said to input {font-family: Palatino,'Palatino Linotype,serif} I get the CSS part but what is a palatino linotype and why is it in quotations? When I use something Georgia I don’t need to insert anything extra. I am a bit confused about this.

How Font-Families work
You can add some extra arguments when declaring a font-family.
This is a way of telling the cpu, If you have Palatino installed, use that, If not try palatino Linotype, if you don’t have that one just use something serif.

fight_dragons is completly correct about what he said. But I noticed that you had another question: “what is a palatino linotype and why is it in quotation?”

Palatino Linotype is the name of a font. The reason it is in quotations, is that it has some whitespace in its name. So it needs to be in quotations to be read as a whole.

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