Some commands don't work on my PC


I tried some of this commands on my pc and some of them didn't work, for example touch, ls and pwd. Can someone help me please?


because these course teaches unix command line, not cmd. So some will work, but most simply won't. If you want to use it for windows, learn cmd, or even better: powershell

Or use linux and learn bash, what this course is teaching


which software will i use in this command line exercise


you will use bash, which is the unix command line (and all its derivatives) but codecademy of course added some software so you use it on the codecademy website.


Is there a course to learn CMD OR PowerShell on codecademy.


There is no cmd or powershell course. If you have more questions, please make a new topic, this one is really old

I am sure you can find a course online which teaches one of both