Solving for 4/7 Deploy a Website using Git Problems


This post is for the people having trouble with the exercise 4/7 Deploy a Website.
That works for me:

Step 1: Click "Get Help" in the bottom right of the page.
Step 2:write the following commands to the console.
$ jekyll new personal-website
$ jekyll serve (maybe not necessary)
$ pwd (just to see where are you are)
$ cd personal-website
$ git init
$ git remote add origin
(this step only work right when you created the repositiory on git as told in the previous exsercises)
$ git remote -v

Hope that this may help some of you.

Remote Not Working

After typing in the commands as above. The system stil won't let me move on to the next lesson.

Can someone please help me.


It would be more helpful if you can send an image with all of the commands,that I mentioned above, in the terminal window. What i mean is the "jekyll"-commands and also the "pwd".
Keep trying!



I hope that these screenshots are more helpful.


Thank you very much. You are truly angel sent by coding gods.Your simple step for restarting challenge helped me solve this problem.Thanks again very much.


Did you restarted the challenge


The restarting of the exercise does'nt work because i tried it and the problem is still present.


Did you restarted from get help menu?
Try making a new remote origin


Why does this STILL NOT WORK - Have tried all the solutions above but no joy - will have to move on because i value my MacBook too much to throw it out the window in sheer frustration.


Let's not be so hasty.I grappled with this challenge for nearly two months.In between I completed the course on JavaScript.So give it some time.Sit on it for some time if you wish.The method mentioned above definitely works.After this challenge comes the section on how to actually load your site on Amazon Web Server.Which is truly unmissable.Best Of Luck.


This was very helpful and now I can move on in the exercise but why was this all necessary? What does it mean? Why did we have to say $ jekyll new personal-website?


guys i need help right now and my computer or web browser wont allow me to complete my course


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