Solved: "totalDamage = totalDamange + damageThisRound" what does this code do?


Dragon Slayer Exercise 5 The second 'if' statement

The code is correct but I have trouble understanding what does this code do>> "totalDamage = totalDamange + damageThisRound"

Something about racking up your total hit points but I don't see the logic...
Please help. Thank you good people of internet!

var slaying = true;
var youHit = Math.floor(Math.random() * 2); 
//if you hit, true (1) or false (0) 
var damageThisRound = Math.floor(Math.random() * 5);
var totalDamage = 0;

while (slaying){
    if (youHit===1){
        console.log("yay you hit the dragon");
        totalDamage = totalDamange + damageThisRound;
        if (totalDamage >= 4){
            console.log("you killed the dragon");
            slaying = false;
        else {
            youHit=Math.floor(Math.random() * 2);
    } else{
        console.log("dragon got chu");
    slaying = false;}


Basically youHit will generate random damage points to attack the dragon.

While will loop youHit until you've reached a total number of at least 4 or more damage points.

Until you've reached 4 damaged points and killed the dragon, your while loop will either try generating new damage points, or else it's the dragon that hits you and you die.

totalDamage will just record the damage you did each round in the loop. When totalDamage records at least 4 damage points, it triggers "you killed the dragon" and the game is over.

So what the loop really is saying is "While you're fighting the dragon, if you manage to hit it you get a number of points. If this number of points reaches 4, you kill the dragon. Else, you do not manage to hit it, and it kills you."

Does this answer your question?


Yes thank you I get it now!!

But I think you mean "damgeThisRound" instead of "youHit". Since you determine if you the dragon first with "youHit" (true or false), and then determine how many points you scored with "damgeThisRound".

Thanks again!


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