[solved]Lists and Functions-I feel like there's a ghost in my code



The results of my code are correct. I am getting a count of '1'. However, the error message is the following: Oops, try again. fizz_count([6, 'fizz', 5, 'fizz', 1, 'fizz', 'fizz']) returned 0 instead of the correct answer: 4
It appears that a different set of strings is being used when grading my function than the set that is in my code

# Write your function below!
def fizz_count(x):
    for item in x:
        if item == "fizz":
        return count    

result = ["fizz", "cat", "box"]
another = fizz_count(result)
print another


This is came down to the indentation of my return line. No further assistance needed. Thank you