Solved: For your A


phrase = "A bird in the hand..."

Add your for loop

for char in phrase:
if char == "A" or char == "a":
print "X",
print char,

Don't delete this print statement!


I totally get the entire code. But, why does it ask that PRINT statement should not be deleted!? It's weird, because if i take that print statement off then it give me an error. Your help is much appreciated and I hope someone else could clear this doubt too (If they have probably have one like this). Thanks a lot. :slight_smile:


That's becuase they want you to use it later on in the lesson. You'll see why later, but for now, just keep it as it is.


Perfect! Thank you. :slight_smile:


Please make your post title to say solved so people know you don't need help anymore. And you're welcome. Glad to help. :slight_smile:


Thanks for doing that.


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