I'm having the same problem. Im trying this one.


please post your code


Thanks for the reply
th colspan="2"; style="background-color:red">
Theres a tag at the beginning but it wont show my code if i put it in.
Just like his above, it keeps saying to put it in the first "th" but the tag with the attribute colspan is the first one so i'm trying to put the style attribute in that one. Am i putting it in the right place?


attributes (colspan and style) are separated by a space only, no need to use a semi-colon, a semi-colon is used to separate style attributes+values. when posting code, insert 3 bactkicks at front and end of line:

<th colspan="2"; style="background-color:red">

or if you want inline, you can use a single backtick:

`<td>something inline</td>`

i cant demonstrate this inline. but it would look like this: <td>something inline</td>

please post full code if you need help, errors aren't always 100% accurate