[solved]8. Keeping Track Of The Produce - A Day At The Supermarket


I'm doing "Keeping track of the produce"


I can't see what is wrong but I keep getting the error message:
"Oops, try again. Check what your code prints for pear. It doesn't look quite right!"

I thought that it would work as I can't see any errors in the coding and the numbers should be right as I copied them from the instructions.

prices = {"banana": 4 , "apple": 2 , "oranges": 1.5 , "pear": 3}

stock = {"banana": 6 , "apple": 0 , "oranges": 32 , "pear": 15}

for money in prices:
    print money
    print "Prices: %s" % prices[money]
    print "Stock: %s" % stock[money]

EDIT:I fixed the problem