[solved]6.6 Do {} while () ; problem of ;



I can't find my mistake in the code below, the exercise need to place {} () and ; (but they were already at their place when I started the exercise), I tried with or without spaces, F5, to close and restart my Firefox (49.0, for Ubuntu), in the default browser and in Vivaldi, but I always have the message "Oups, merci de réessayer. Avez-vous ajouté un point-virgule après le texte à afficher ?" (so a ; problem, but I can't find where it's missing ç__ç)


<!DOCTYPE html>
        <title>Une boucle do-while</title>
        $condition = false;
        do {
            echo "<p>La boucle est exécutée une fois alors que la condition est fausse.</p>";
        } while ($condition);
        echo "<p>Maintenant on est sorti de la boucle.</p>";

Thank you for help :slight_smile:

Edit : solution found here : https://discuss.codecademy.com/t/erreur-dans-lexercice-6-les-boucles-while-en-php/820/27
Sorry for the unuseful post, can't find where to delete it.


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