Solved - 25. "Size and Borders"


Hi all

I'm actually at course : "CSS : an overview " - "25. Size and borders "
He tells me that I have to :
1. add in my Html document with a ramdom src.
2. add in stylesheet.css => height:100px; width:300px;
3. add in stylesheet.css => border with 1px solid and #4682b4 Hexa code.

"Oops, thank you to try again ! Have you thought about adding a border of 1px solid #4682b4 to your image ?



    border:1px solid #4682b4;
        <h1>End of course</h1>
            <p>Ceci est la fin du cours Html/CSS</p>
            <img src=""/>

Can someone tell me what's wrong ? I tried to refresh the page but no change.
Thank's in advance,

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First of all, try to reset your browser zoom by doing this:
On MAC - press cmd+0
On Windows - press ctrl+0

and second, change the image width to 300px because thats what the instruction are telling you to do.


I don't think that browser zoom can affect anything on the Html code or CSS. But I done it.
And I tried lots of width (100, 200, 300 as instruction are telling me to do, 400) but no change.


Well it worked for me.
I took your code, reset my browser zoom and changed the width to 300px and it worked


Done too like I said :confused:

Going to try on other browser.


Or you know what?
Did you remember to link the index.html to stylesheet.css?


Fk :smile: Forgot the add this again after CTRL+F5 T_T
Thank's dude lol.