[solved]18. why isn't this code working


(this is the html)

> <    !DOCTYPE html>
>     <html>
>     	<head>
>     		<link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="stylesheet.css"/>
>     		<title>Result</title>
>     	</head>
>     	<body>
>     		<a href="google.com">google</a>
>     		<a href="google.com">google</a>
>     		<a href="google.com">google</a>
>     	</body>
>     </html>

(this is my css)

a:hover {
body:first-child {
body:nth-child(3) {

(this is the instructions)

Add three links to the body of the HTML document. They can go anywhere and the text between the tags can say whatever you like.
On the CSS tab, set the all a:hovers to have no text-decoration.
Set the first link to the color #CDBE70. (Remember: in this case, the first link also happens to be the first child of the body element.)
Set the third link to the color #FFC125.

(This is the error)

Oops, try again. Did you remember to set your first <a> to the color #CDBE70?

Thank You!

(other info)
browser: chrome


never mind I fixed it it should have been a not body


What do you mean by "not body?"
I'm using this:
.a:first-child {
And I'm still seeing the same issue.


For body you type body(space):first-child