How do I view the solutions immediately? Also, why is it showing errors in my codes even though it’s the same as the solutions presented?

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There’s a view solution button that pops up in the right hand corner of the IDE, but it only appear after you make two unsuccessful attempts at the lesson:

I would highly recommend trying each exercise, though, as it helps you learn the concepts. If you already know parts of the curriculum, rather than going through the process of “completing” each lesson, you can just skip that part of the curriculum.

Could you post an example, please? Make sure to format your code according to this guide. (One likely reason is that you have a slight spelling error somewhere; this can either lead to a syntax error, or just triggers CC’s picky lesson checker).

Thanks @codeneutrino for this.
But for some courses, like ‘Learn AngularJS 1.X’ I’m doing now, this ‘View solution’ button is not available:

Instead, I have option ‘Get Unstuck’ (top right corner) which offers to see solution through… a video, but this is not convenient at all. Reading lines of code and seeing the full picture of the code is much easier to understand than seeing short pieces of code and doing multiple go-back at different moments in the video :expressionless:

Ah; that is annoying. I suppose CC are trying to encourage people to not just check the solution when they’re stuck?

@codeneutrino I don’t think that’s it. It looks like a project

@nicocasel It looks like it is a project because you have completed step 8 and not step 7. If it is a project there is no view solution button because projects are meant to let you make and then see what you are able to do.

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Thanks @not-ethan and @codeneutrino for your feedback.

Yes, I understand perfectly this. But when project is completed, a complete view of all code files should be available (through a zip file to download basically).
I see this trend for some years, especially in e-learning contents, with more and more knowledge provided via videos instead of text, but for some specific cases, it is not efficient:

  • during a fitness lesson, when somebody is showing how to make perfect push-ups: video is ok
  • during a cooking lesson, when somebody is showing how to perform a recipe: video is ok
  • … you see my point

That’s a good idea. You can make a request in #community:feature-course-requests.

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