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hello I’m doing A Sorted Tale python and i want to know where the solutions are, if you know please tell me it will be helpful.
thank you

Please post a link to the project you refer to, above. As for solutions to free flow projects, one will find a multitude posted in the forum. There are no collated solutions.

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Let me help you out. I think I know what you are looking for.

Step 1
See the green line, underlining the get unstuck button? Click that.

Step 2
It will open another menu to the right side of your screen, like so. There you will find the solution under Project Walkthrough

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am also finding the problem on project majic 8- ball.
am facing the issue of TypeError: ‘str’ object is not callable. Do not see any green line below get unstuck button.

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If you’re having an issue, please don’t reply to a solved thread. (for numerous reasons).

Before posting a question, you can search the forums for your topic/subject (there are many) See:

Also, when you have a code bug, please also post your code along with the error msg.

Check this out on how to ask good questions.

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thank you that is really helpful. thanks.

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you can Dm me if you still need help.