How to gain the solutions once again after I delete them ?

Hello @konojames5808740993, what exactly do you mean? If you had a solution, then for some reason it disappeared, you could always use the solution button, if something is prohibiting you from moving on.

Here’s a thought… One can always do it again.


“solution” button disappeared after I use it, only once available ?

Reset the lesson should put you back at square one.

Thank you, I will be careful in the following learning.

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Notice that using the solution button gives you the solution to all sections in the current lesson page so that you can immediately move on.
Or you can look at the solution, understand what the problem is, restart the lesson and try again.

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I think the @thunder_coder’s advice is especially good.
You may find yourself stuck and have to look at the solution, but restarting it and writing the code yourself may help you better understand it.

It is available once you have run your code twice, and both times it was incorrect.