Solution to the problem of division returns 0


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the solution is entering the first line of the script the following line

__future__ from import division

Solve the problem and return the floating-point division


I fail to see where this is introduced or needed. After completing the module I see no division by zero scenarios. Please explain.


A problem occurs when generating the division "Tip Calculator" "tax" which to perform the exercise of the division error occurs 21/100 returning 0 for solution and which step of the exercise is to import the library

Se presenta un problema al generar la división en "Calculadora de Propinas" "El impuesto" el cual al realizar el ejercicio se presenta el error de la division 21/100 retornando 0 el cual para solucion y paso del ejercicio es necesario importar la libreria


Since the exercise makes no mention of imported modules, we can overcome the problem by converting 21 to a float. 21.0, or as applies in the exercise, 15.0 / 100.


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