*SOLUTION* - Learn HTML & CSS: Part 1 (4. fallback fonts)

If you are using Mozilla Firefox, most likely you are stuck on exercise 4 (fallback fonts) even tho the code is correct, the solution to the issue (not really a solution but a work around it) is to change browser and use either CHROME or EDGE(Internet Explorer).

this was the only fix i found that will help you move forward


Thank you, this definitely helped.

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Glad I could help, but i am now stuck on the next one after that … are you having the same issue ?

Thank you this helped… uff spent a day to figure it out.

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Any other solutions to this problem? I tried another browser and still can’t get past this part, even though the code is right.

Thanks that solved my problem.

What browser are you using ?

Hey there. I was just coming here to update: I switched to Chrome and it’s working now. Yay! I had been using Firefox, and had tried edge, which didn’t work. But Chrome did the trick. Thanks to everyone who posted the answer, I was going crazy trying to figure it out.

Reported the ‘bug’ several times but no response or fix from Codecademy them selves. For some reason I was unable to access this forum until today. Many thanks for the help.

I’m stuck on 5 - “More Fonts”, anyone having a solution? And yes, I’m using google chrome…

Burri try using Internet explorer or Firefox

Nothing seems to be working, tried Chrome, Edge, Explorer and Firefox.

Reset your default window size.

Thanx man, great help, appreciate that!

Yea CROME worked. Thanks a lot.

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