Solution is correct, but won't let me progress

I was on course 1 of learn python 2, and I was on the strings exercise. It said to type the words hello with my name, as in "Hello " + “Peaches”. I did the exact same thing the hint said, and it asked me if I typed my name with the words hello and told me to make sure there was a space inbetween the words hello and my name. Was i not supposed to add a plus? It wouldn’t let me delete anything or backspace after I typed it out so if anyone knows what ur supposed to do it would help , sorry I’m dumb : /

Oh, that means that there has to be a space between the result of “hello” + “Peaches”

"Hello" + "Peaches"
-> "HelloPeaches"

Try adding a space somewhere in the string to add a space between the two words

You’re not dumb! it’s just a very specific checkpoint

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Definitely not!

I’ve been caught out by the learning environment expecting a verbatim copy of the instruction more times than I care to admit… (I’ve lost count.)

There are numerous places where the learning environment can be a stubborn pedant… :sweat_smile: