Solution doesn’t match the task

Without the false statement I ran the code and got an error message. I looked at the hint we’ve times and my code match up. I saw there was a solution button and when I hit it it gave a line of code setting it equal to to false. So I double checked the instructions who where does it say to set it equal to false. Is there an issue with the solution?
Also where are the emojis?

Hey @memphisdiangelis1454!! Welcome to the Codecademy forums :grinning:

I just did the lesson, and everything worked correctly. :thinking:
Could you post the code you origionaly wrote that gave you the error?
Also what error did you receive?

As for the added line 4:

learningToCode = false

That is because the soltion button gives you the code needed to complete the lesson. If you haven’t already look at the third thing you are supposed to do.

I now see that wasn’t the end of the lesson

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