Solution Code if no Walkthrough available

Hi there,
I’ve just finished (except for one tiny issue that I’ve posted about here that I need help with) the Learn Redux path (and really, really enjoyed it, thanks so much for making it), and the final project was really tough. Particularly, some of the ways to deal with returned JSON objects and add the data to state really stumped me, and I was a bit surprised to find that the hints were really unhelpful (basically just rewording the step, rather than giving advice for how to achieve what was necessary), particularly as the specific issue wasn’t something that was really covered in the course.

After a couple of days of tinkering with it I’ve managed to get it working, which in a sense is very satisfying and might be the goal of not doing too much hand-holding, but in another sense was a bit disheartening when I was doing really well with the stuff that the course was actually teaching.

For courses like this where there isn’t a walkthrough available when you start getting to the ‘headbutting the screen’ phase, would it be possible to provide solution code (even downloadable) to help when users get stuck? I’ve found that I’ve learned a lot from comparing my code to the Walkthroughs in other courses - often it’s only one silly thing, sometimes I’ve thought myself into a corner, but in both instances it’s been really helpful to compare and understand why my ‘solution’ wasn’t working.

Hello, just to double check, are you referring to this project?
Redux News Reader

Yeah, that’s the one!

Agreed, I have been looking for solutions to the new redux projects on the forum. The hints are not particularly helper they are just reworded instructions. I think downloadable solutions should be provided for every exercise like the rest of the course.

Now that you have completed the project would you mind sharing your solution? Much appreciated.

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Hey Kwanchan,
I think it’s against the rules of the forum for me to post actual solutions, but feel free to dm me (or tag me in a get help post) if you have a specific question!

Hi there, I’m currently doing this project and I’ve been stuck in tasks 10-11 for an hour now, I cannot get the page to load correctly, could some of you send a solution code via dm? :pray: :pray: :pray:

Hey Nicolas,
Maybe make a Get Help post? We can work through it together, I’m sure :muscle: