Solo Flight


//Remember to make your condition true outside the loop!
var myCondition = true;
var soloLoop = function(){
    while (myCondition) {
        console.log("Looped Once!");
        myCondition = false;


I get the correct answer in the terminal but it wont let be move past this lesson. So frustrating


Make sure that everything is right, there may be details you are overlooking in your code. if it's still not letting you go on, and you are 100% sure that its correct, try refreshing the page.


I've rewritten over 20 times at this point and read every post on this site about this lesson


it says "Oops, try again. It looks like you're not printing the right string to the console." even though "Looped Once!" appears in the terminal


nevermind... Once should be once :rage:


Here is your mistake: You have to follow exactly what they say to type, so instead of "Looped Once" you need to write "Looped once", like so:

(sorry, didn't see your reply there, you already figured it out)