Solidity coding Smart Contracts


Hi all!

I'm new to the forums here. Always wanted to learn how to code so completed the intro course on Javascript - it's very cool this site!

Still very much getting to grips with javascript language and will take some time to get down : )

My aim is to deploy a few businesses using the Ethereum Virtual Computer/Node Network. Currently the standard developing lanuage is called Solidity and I think it's Javascript-based?

Has anyone tried learning Solidity contract coding? Do you guys think best to go straight into Solidity instead of continuing with Javascript. Or better still is there a program that auto-converts between different languages?


Solidity is similar to Javascript but not Javascript-based. I would suggest that you learn Javascript first because Solidity is a tad bit more advanced. :slight_smile:


Thanks Bandit :+1:

Gonna try best gaining better fluency in javascript, hopefully when it comes time to experiment with Solidity programming, something will click and I'll be able to write logical contracts/applications.