Software/notebook for practicing JS coding?

Hey everyone,
I am new to JS and want to practice coding off-line. I am looking for software similar to R Studio I used while working with R. Is there such a thing? I saw recommendations to just write code in a text file and run it in a browser, but I am looking for something different.
Thank you!

why is this not an option? Then do use a text-editor/IDE which suitable for coding. Maybe VScode?

When you have the (javascript) files on your machine, the browser can run them even when offline.

if that doesn’t work, you can consider nodeJS, but then you need to take a moment to understand the difference between node engine en browser javascript engine

Thank you for your reply! I think my main reasoning is that I want to have all the bits and pieces of code I try to be organized in a manner similar to R Markdown. I am installing VSCode now, thanks for the suggestion, it may be just the right thing for me!

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