Software Engineering Career

I want to pursue Software Engineering as a career in the future. I’m currently 15 and trying to teach myself how to code but I am having trouble figuring out where to start, could y’all help?


It can be overwhelming for sure. Is there any technology or an app that you really like and want to know how it’s built? Best advice is to pick something that you like and that really piques your interest and go from there. Find out what languages are used to build those things and then dive in. It could be javascript, ruby on rails, C, Python, etc.

There’s also a lot of good advice here on the forums from other learners of all levels that you can find via search that could be useful.

Another thing to take a look at is the 2023 StackOverflow Developer Survey results:

That will give you a broad overview of what technologies devs use the most and what roles they fill, etc. That might push you in a direction. Any advice that people give you will mostly be subjective. You’ve gotta find something that you like and go from there.

Good luck!

Hi lisalisaj,

thank you for the advice. There are multiple apps that pushed me towards software engineering; spotify being one of them. I start researching. Thank you again!

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