Socialcademy 9: Integrating Users // Author's name is empty

Hello everyone! If someone had faced the same problem and managed to solve it, I’d be very grateful if you share your solution.
btw: I’ve already try to copy/past completed code for this lesson and still have this problem :frowning:

Expected app’s behavior after Socialcademy 9 lesson completion:

  1. Start my app and go to create account form
  2. Fill in “create account” form where I set my name to “Anton”, click “Submit”
  3. Move to App’s main screen with posts list which is empty now
  4. On the main screen I click “create a new post”
  5. Fill in title and content of the post, click “Submit”
  6. See App’s main screen with a new post, where the author’s name is “Anton”

Actual behavior:
On step 6) I don’t see author’s name (it’s just empty). This field is also empty in Firestore.
But! If I sign out and then sign in again, all newly created posts will have author’s name (while old posts’ author name field will be still empty).