Socialcademy 9: Integrating Users // Author's name is empty

Hello everyone! If someone had faced the same problem and managed to solve it, I’d be very grateful if you share your solution.
btw: I’ve already try to copy/past completed code for this lesson and still have this problem :frowning:

Expected app’s behavior after Socialcademy 9 lesson completion:

  1. Start my app and go to create account form
  2. Fill in “create account” form where I set my name to “Anton”, click “Submit”
  3. Move to App’s main screen with posts list which is empty now
  4. On the main screen I click “create a new post”
  5. Fill in title and content of the post, click “Submit”
  6. See App’s main screen with a new post, where the author’s name is “Anton”

Actual behavior:
On step 6) I don’t see author’s name (it’s just empty). This field is also empty in Firestore.
But! If I sign out and then sign in again, all newly created posts will have author’s name (while old posts’ author name field will be still empty).

I’m having the exact same problem. The author’s name isn’t displayed on the PostRow. However, I displayed the AuthViewModel’s within the ProfileView and was able to display it. It seems like the AuthViewModel and the PostsViewModel (or the PostsRepository) aren’t in sync just right after you create a new user.
Now I’m really curious about how to solve this :sweat_smile: