Social networking won't take paragraph


In the social networking profile lesson it will say that it wants me to type a paragraph about myself then it says when i do type the paragraph it says that i haven't typed anything then it doesn't work.


please make a new topic on the appropriate section on the forum, include your code + error message. Most of the times, the problem is in the learners code


sorry I'm kind of confused on how this forum works.


go here (since that is the category you are in) and create a new topic, use the template to make it a good topic


I have done this and i cant remember how to create a question. could you help me.


You can just post your question here? I splitted the topic


it happens to me too. what did you do?



please go here, make a new topic, fill in the template, this way we can help you much better, and you will get a better quality answer