Social Networking Profile exercise - google photo link won't work

For the social network profile exercise, you’re asked to pick a photo of yourself for the page. I used a photo of me from my google photos (which is online), pretty sure the photo permissions are good, but photo doesn’t show up in the test window.

My code looks like this:

<!DOCTYPE html>
		<title>Anthony M. Pogliano</title>
	  <img src="">

There’s just a little placeholder image that shows up in the test window, but that’s it. Any ideas welcomed! Thanks.

EDIT: Well, you see what shows up apparently. I’m unsure how to copy code without it trying to run. Thanks!

You need to copy the image location (right click on the image, copy image location, which will give you this url:

then your image will show, you might want to use image url shortener for this one (link)

Images won’t show if you copy the webpage url (since then the src (source) refers to a webpage, while this should be a image)