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None of the social media icons appear at the bottom of the page.

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This is the footer markup. How does it compare to yours?

  <footer class="container">
    <div class="row">
      <p class="col-sm-4">&copy; 2016 Skillfair</p>
      <ul class="col-sm-8">
        <li class="col-sm-3">
          <img src=""></li>
        <li class="col-sm-3">
          <img src="">
        <li class="col-sm-3">
          <img src="">
        <li class="col-sm-3">
          <img src="">

Please post your CSS so we can test it. Thanks.


Here is my footer markup, which looks exactly the same as yours:

© 2016 Skillfair


Here is my css:

footer {
font-size: 12px;
padding: 20px 0;

footer .col-sm-8 {
display: flex;
justify-content: flex-end;

footer ul {
list-style: none;

footer li img {
width: 32px;
height: 32px;


Hi Roy,

Here is my footer markup:

© 2016 Skillfair


Hi Roy,

Looks like all the social media icons are displayed when I posted my index.html file here. But on the codecademy console, none of them are displayed.


If the images are not appearing then there should be an img placeholder in their place. Notice also that the images are very faint.


Hi Roy, I also think that the reason they not displayed is because the
color is very faint. Thanks so muchfor your help.


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