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I’m not sure if this is the right forum to post in, sorry! I searched the forums but couldn’t find a specific answer. I’m looking to build a passion project that’s similar to GoodReads and other social cataloguing sites. MVP will be personal recordkeeping, with social functions and more complex recommendations built in afterwards.

Is the full-stack web dev the best learning pathway to follow or is there a better way to go about it? I’ve solid experience in python and sql, so I would love to be able to start poking around as quickly as possible on this thing - basically learn as I go.

Thank you!


I think something like flask/django would be really useful for this (especially since you know python). Following the flask module will give you a taste of the issues involved.

Afterwards, I would personally use django since it comes with a lot of the things you would need for this sort of project. Corey Schafer’s youtube channel has a great tutorial for setting up a facebook style page where users can log in and make posts/edit their posts, etc. He follows it through all the way to deployment on a remote server or cloud (which you might want to do for this, considering the potential size).

pros/cons for django over flask in something like this:

  • although you still have to think about security, there’s less need to fuss over smaller validation details (django covers).

  • Database set-up is more straightforward in my opinion.

  • Potentially more documentation/resources to add a js framework like react for front-end.

  • built-in admin management and migration manager is just nice quality of life type stuff to have

  • one negative is I prefer jinja over django’s templating system.


Thank you! That’s super helpful – I really appreciate the details&. the pro-con you provided.

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