So I have a question about this exercise


When I copied the same code that I used in my Pyglatin exercise and changed it around a bit (Because I was using python 3 with atom), the first part of the code would print but the point where I was supposed to type an input wouldn’t come on atom but worked just fine on the codeacademy exercise. Any thoughts?


Sounds like it’s entirely to do with Atom and how you’ve got it configured - it’s not a terminal after all. Executing the current file isn’t always how your program should be started either (I imagine the use-case is very narrow)

I suggest one of:

  • google it, perhaps there’s a way atom can do that
  • don’t bother with user input if you’re gonna type it in manually anyway
  • run from commandline (there may be ones that run in atom, but this is starting to get weird. Again, it’s a text editor, not an operating system)

Consider that codecademy’s text editor runs in your browser, and your code is likely executed in another country, maybe another continent.


So what would be the exact process necessary for me to make atom function just like code academy’s text editor?


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