So, how do these forums work?


I notice some people post guides for the people that are struggling with certain lessons. So I’m wondering… hey, I want to do that too! But should I…?

This has been on my mind for a couple of days, so I’d really want help with this.

My question is, Can I post guides in the forums without the role?

And if not, then how do I get it?


I’m not sure about the role part but I do know to get the role you have to rank up until your that role.
If you do need a role, I’m pretty sure it would be moderator or help desk I think…
Just to let you know getting ranks require posting and being helpful in the community.
Right now I’m trust level 1 :frowning:


Currently, the free-posted FAQ and Q&A topics are handled by the Advisors and Coaches who actually work for CC. We should not be adding content to the site in the same manner.

Most of all, we should take a backseat and not post where we have no expertise or clear understanding of the topic. Sometimes our help becomes a hinderance or is just plain too confusing for the learner. If unsure, then sit back, wait for more responses and continue the thread with more related or surfacing questions to help drill down into the subject. Questions are often better than answers, especially when a member is just getting their feet wet.

Help Desk, Super Users and Moderators will have a better feel for the day to day activity and are likely as not going to be among the first to respond. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t if you know of a way to spur on the learner without giving away the answer, or if you have a keen eye and can spot syntax and logic errors. When in doubt, wait and chip in as the topic evolves, usually with more questions.

As a general rule, we like it if a learner has completed a track before getting overly involved in helping others. We need to be aware of the context of every lesson, and if we’ve done it ourselves it might be easier to track down again when a member omits the link to the exercise page. Then take your bearings and answer away.

Be able to spot questions that should rightly be left dangling. Don’t harp about things missing in posts or lack of formatting on code samples. If the topic is not a question, or if it is the boilerplate used in some topic templates, give it a pass. We mods are probably the best ones to query for missing information. Let us fill our activity with meaningless posts and keep your post history meaningful and easy to search.


Don’t worry. If you be active, and give truthful and correct answers, you could even be a Super User or better!:smiley: