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Alright, as of now I have completed two courses and am halfway through two others, I have completed ‘make a website’ and ‘Ruby,’ both of which I enjoyed. Have you succeeded with anything? You may ask, and the answer is yes! Well, kinda, and it may be a small accomplishment, but it shows that I (kinda) know what I’m doing! What is the accomplishment? You may ask, and the answer is a webpage made from scratch! Using my knowledge of html(hyper text markup language) and css(cascading style sheet,) I have made a small webpage that provides links to my favorite websites.(which is only three,) and while that may seem small to most, I know that by practicing and continuing to learn I can eventually become a web developer!
(If anyone wants to SEE the code I used just ask.)


you can host the webpages you created on the github pages:

@zystvan wrote a good guide for this, otherwise check other post in the tips and resource section. They are really helpful

Success comes in small steps, keep up the good work :slight_smile:


Like @stetim94 said, you can host pages you created on github.
There are a few other free website hosters that allow you to make webpages from scratch so you can import the pages you made, such as 000webhost. But 000webhost limits free users, for example you cannot use anonymous PHP functions without buying a domain.

i read some bad stories about 000webhost, but i used it for a while, it was okay. Anyway, piece of advice: do research on the hosting you are using

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