So far, so good

Almost one week into Back-end engineer pathway, this has been just what I needed to level up my JavaScript, so I’m enjoying the curriculum. However, the time estimate of 4 months to complete this pathway seems WAY off. I have some background in JS, so the JS syntax courses are mostly review. It has still taken me about 13 hours(4+ days) to complete part 1. I did not skip any parts and did all the coding challenges. Given that the subsequent courses will be new material for me and probably take me longer, completing one course per week seems like a stretch. Even if I am able to maintain this pace, there are 44 courses in this pathway! So expecting 40+ weeks! This is much longer than the 4 month estimate given. I am not complaining, I thought 4 months was an overly optimistic estimate when I signed up. But maybe Codecademy’s marketing department should publish realistic time estimates on the website. Just saying :grimacing:


Hopefully they can gather data from personal stories like this and adjust accordingly.

This is a challenging full stack JavaScript pathway, the content is tremendous. I think Codecademy should not sell this pathway short. The content can compete with a high end bootcamp. :slightly_smiling_face:

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