Snake Avoider (clearly not minesweeper)

OK, fine, it’s minesweeper. But there are no mines - just snakes.

Try the game here: GitHub - volcaspo/Snake-Avoider: A game that is in no way similar to minesweeper.

I focused on making the gameplay as user-friendly as possible. There are many acceptable formats for giving user inputs, all based on coordinates. There is also extra speedy functionality - performing actions on exposed number-tiles will transfer those actions to the surrounding tiles, just like how it works in real minesweeper. I also tried to account for as many edge-cases in user inputs as I could find to make sure that no issues occur - you should not ever be forced out of a game by typing the wrong thing, and the game will tell you if you are trying to do something you can’t do.

I also focused on aesthetics quite a bit. Feast your eyes.

In total, around 20-25 hours of work - first 10 hours making the game functional, and then the rest was spent making it actually a positive user experience. Feedback would be appreciated, of course.

Starting menu:

Beginning of an easy game:

Medium game after first tile is chosen:

Hard game before forfeiting:

Hard game after forfeiting: