Smart text editor for python

i was wondering if there are any text editors for python that are smart enough to well uhh… lets say for example suppose i define a variable and then was doing some operations on that variable but while typing the name of the variable i made a typo, can the text editor recognize this before i even run my code. i’m looking for a text editor like this to do off-platform projects from codecademy.

Have you tried either Visual Studio or rep.l?


I went with visual studio, as you type it brings up an autocomplete floating window. After typing enough that the correct item is at the top you can press tab or enter to finish it. It’s really nice, though I’d expect to see similar features in the other options as well.

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Isn’t Visual Studio not for Python? I have used Visual Studio before when I was doing C#. I am up to the Learn C# course.

Take a look at the link, the software is very flexible. I haven’t used it outside of python, but it asks about installing modules for different languages.

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As always, the documentation is your friend as is Google.

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