Slight mathematic error


Hello, as a math teacher, i thought i would mention that there is no way > "M_PI is a PHP constant that is equal to pi."

At best it would be an approximation to the n-th decimal :slightly_smiling:


It is equal to common approximations to PI. No one cares if it goes 80 decimals, the information will be nearly exactly the same.


My point is that even if the approximation was to 1000 decimals, it still wouldn't be equal to Pi.


No, but does it really matter.


I doesn't when you use the number to calculate something. However, it is mathematically wrong to say an irrational number is equal to an approximation.


@terablaster16783 : That would be like writing a really big number to describe infinity.


But infinity isn't defined, PI can be found via division, and is defined.


Using M_PI is practically a rounded version of the actual thing. As a math teacher, you should know the 2nd way to do pi is by typing AT LEAST 3.14.