Slicing Lists II

Example from Codecademy:
We can do something similar when selecting the last few items of a list:

[‘cherry’ , ‘date’]

We can omit the final index when selecting the final elements from a list.

My code:

suitcase = [‘shirt’, ‘shirt’, ‘pants’, ‘pants’, ‘pajamas’, ‘books’]
start = suitcase[:3]
end = suitcase[2:]

Feedback Codecademy:

Value for end did not match ['pajamas', 'books'] , (was ['pants', 'pants', 'pajamas', 'books'] ).

My question it’s about the “end = suitcase[2:]”. So my question is. Why do you explain it this way, but in practice it works differently. Or am I completely wrong and do I misunderstand?

It’s not different is it? You got what you asked for, from the start location you specified to the end. But where were you supposed to start from?
Or, if you wanted a specific amount, then you know it’s that far from the end, so you can compute where that start would be.

thanks for your comment. I found out what I am doing wrong