Slicing first word and returning the string without first word problem

Write a function that is given a phrase and returns the phrase we get if we take
out the first word from the input phrase.
For example, given ‘the quick brown fox’, your function should return ‘quick brown fox’

Here is an example call to the function

print(remainingwords(“the quick brown fox”)):

Note: You do not need any other code including the main method or any print statements. Otherwise, the autograder will fail and be unable to grade your code. (I.e., do not include the above example in your code.) The above example should be used be test your code but deleted or comment out upon submission.

This is what I have

def remaindersofnewword(s):
    remainder0909 = s.split(' ', 1)
    remainder1 = remainder0909[1:]
    return remainder1

I did the example for “the quick brown fox” but the output is like this:
[‘quick brown fox’] instead of just:
quick brown fox
single words like alaska are just coming like this:

Can anyone help

This seems to be a test or homework for school. Sorry, but we cannot help you.

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